The Planning Department promotes the orderly and balanced use of land while improving the quality of life for current and future generations of the community. Staff within the department provides assistance to applicants and reviews requests including street and alley vacations, rezoning requests, special use permits, land sales and subdivisions of land. The department is also charged with developing and maintaining the City’s Comprehensive Plan; a document which dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation and housing. Zoning and land use regulations are the City’s primary tool for implementing and enforcing its plans and is found in the Superior Code of Ordinances, Chapter 122-Zoning.

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The Planning Department provides staff support for the Plan Commission, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Superior (RACS), Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Board. In addition, staff reviews site plans to determine compliance with zoning and development code requirements. The department provides information to private developers and members of the development community conducting market analyses for clients as well as advice on site design and layout.

Economic Development

Economic Development is one of the primary focus areas of the Planning Department and the City of Superior. The program sets forth to grow local businesses, facilitate expansion, and recruit outside businesses to locate in the City of Superior in order to increase the quality of living, add well-paying jobs and grow tax base.

The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Superior, guided by City Administration and staff, works to carry out redevelopment within in the community as well as urban renewal projects.

One tool that is used as an incentive to spur new development in an area is Tax Incremental Financing (TIF). TIF options are available in most of the Tax Incremental Districts (TID) located throughout the City. In some cases a new TID can be created to help facilitate new development projects. TIF is a method of splitting the cost of public works within a TID with the other taxing bodies that will benefit from an increase in the tax base. Basically, any increase in value in the TID above the base value (the value at the time the TID is formed) is not included in determining the tax rate; however, the tax rate is applied to all taxable property in the TID. The additional revenue generated (tax increment) is used by the municipality to help pay for the public works that stimulated the increase in the value in the TID. This process continues until the public works are paid for, the legislative body terminates the TID, or the prescribed number of years has elapsed.

Applications and Procedures Documents

Please call or visit the department to inquire about the requirements and feasibility of your request.


Certified Survey Maps
Land Sales (Call first to request bid)
Special Use Permit
Zoning Board of Appeals (Variance)


Certified Survey Maps
Land Sales
Special Use Permit
Zoning Board of Appeals

Request For Notice of Zoning Action

As required by the State of Wisconsin, the City of Superior maintains a list of persons who submit a request to receive notice of any proposed zoning action that affects the allowable use of the person's property.

If the Plan Commission completes action on any zoning proposal, and the City Council is prepared to vote on the zoning ordinance, The City shall send a notice, which contains a copy or summary of the proposed zoning ordinance, to each person on the list whose property, the allowable use of which, may be affected by the zoning ordinance.  The notice shall be by mail or in any reasonable form that is agreed to. The City Council may charge each person on the list who receives a notice by first class mail a fee that does not exceed the approximate cost of providing the notice to the person.  An ordinance may take affect even if the City fails to send the notice.  (Wisconsin Statues Section 62.23 (7)(d)(4).)

To request to be added to the notification list please contact the City of Superior Planning and Development Department by phone, fax, email or U.S. Mail as follows:

Planning and Development Department
City of Superior
1316 North 14th Street
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715-395-7335
Fax: 715-395-7292

***Please note: The City's Zoning Ordinance requires we notify property owners within 200 feet of a zoning change.  Property can not be rezoned without signature approval from all property owners within the rezone boundary.