Hartel/DBJ Education Flyer 20160913
Superior Recycling Program

Residential recycling in the City of Superior is handled by contract with Hartel's.  The City does not pick up your recycling.

Need more information?  Visit Hartel's website.

If you have any questions about your recycling schedule or if you need a recycle bin, please contact Hartel's at:  218-729-5446.

You may also check your pickup day.

Information on items that cannot be recycled or brought to the landfill


If you are wondering where you can bring items like hazardous waste, electronics, appliances, demolition materials, etc. please see the Douglas County Recycling page: "What do I do with..." or download the City of Superior's Disposal and Recycling Guide.

Please note that City of Superior residents may dispose of household hazardous waste such as paint, cleaning solvents, pesticides, weedkillers, etc at WLSSD.
If you are a City of Superior resident there is no cost to use the facility, so please take advantage of this wonderful free service and dispose of any hazardous waste properly. The phone # for WLSSD is:  218-722-3336

List of businesses that accept various types of waste that cannot be disposed of in the landfill

Per City Code Sec. 58-112 (a) Antiscavenging or unlawful removal of recyclables, it is illegal to collect or remove any recyclable material that has been deposited or placed street side or in a container adjacent to a home or nonresidential building for the purposes or collection for recycling. Residents are reminded to keep their recycling bin next to their property until placed for pickup on the scheduled day.