Tribute Tree Program


The Tribute Tree Program is a way for a person or organization to give a lasting, living gift in memory of someone or something, and it's also a great way to increase the boulevard tree stock and beautify our city.

  • Each Tribute Tree is $150 (tax deductible)
  • Four tree species are available: Maple, Linden, Japanese Tree Lilac, or Elm (Disease Resistant)
  • Spring planting season - May 1-June 15 (application must be in by December 1 of the previous year)
  • The tree will be planted by the City's tree crew on the boulevard or neighborhood of the donor’s choice (provided the planting site meets city Tree Planting Standards)
  • Each tree is guaranteed for one year, (if it fails, it will be replaced one time at no cost to the donor)
  • The donor or the donor’s gift recipient will receive a certificate signed by the Mayor of Superior indicating the species, where the tree is planted, and the reason why it was purchased

Gift-Giving Occasions

Consider the City of Superior’s Tribute Tree Program for the following special occasions–a birthday, anniversary, memorial, holiday (e.g., Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Arbor Day, or Earth Day), special friend or coworker, grandchildren, outstanding accomplishment (e.g., graduation or retirement), beautification project, a special thank you, or for a club or scout project.

View the Tribute Tree brochure and application.
***An optional 4X6 plaque created with your message and placed at the base of your tree can be purchased for an additional $45. If you should desire a plaque, please indicate on Tribute Tree application or call Parks and Recreation at 715-395-7270.

View the list of Tribute Trees planted for 2016.
Marianne Peters and her friend, Hope Swenson, in front of their tribute tree.

Marianne Peters, shown with her friend Hope Swenson in the photo on the right, is a frequent contributor to the program. The tree in the photograph was planted in honor of Hope's 90th birthday.