Building Permits

City of Superior Building Inspection has moved to a new online permitting system as of 6/22/2021. As a result, the department is no longer using nor accepting these applications. For instructions on how to apply for a permit at this time, please email the Building Inspection office at , or call at 715-395-7288 .

Permit Fees

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Required Building Permits

***All plans must be submitted in digital form, in addition to paper. Please provide a CD, or email plans to ***

Please allow 10 business days for permit application review and approval.

Building permits are documents that are obtained authorizing the start of construction or remodeling of a building in the City of Superior. The types of permits that may be required are as follows:
  • Building Permit

    New construction, additions, alterations, repairs to either residential or non-residential buildings. This includes sheds and fences.
  • Electrical Permit

    New installations, additions, extension, alterations, changes, and fire and accident repairs of any electrical wiring and electrical equipment associated with a structure or project. Separate permits are required for wiring, fixtures, furnaces, and construction poles. For convenience, the wiring, fixtures, and furnaces may be combined on one permit if they are included on the original application. Construction poles will require a separate permit in every case.
  • Erosion Control Permit

    For all projects resulting in land disturbing activities.
  • Excavation Permit

    For any excavation within the City right-of-way.
  • Mechanical Permit New installations, alterations, repair, replacement, remodel and/or removal of duct work, heating, venting, or air conditioning equipment (HVAC) for each separate building or structure involved in the project.
  • Plumbing Permit

    New installation, removal, alterations, repair, or replacement of any plumbing, gas, or drainage piping work, or any fixture or water heater or treating equipment in a building or premise. A separate permit is required for each building or structure.
  • Post-Construction Stormwater Management Permit

    For projects that will disturb an acre or more of land OR result in an addition of 20,000 square feet or more of impervious area.
  • Razing Permit (Demolition) A separate permit is required for each building or structure that is removed from the premises.
  • Sign Permit New installations, alterations, repair or replacement of free-standing or building-fastened signage.