Code Compliance

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Code Compliance Department to provide consistent and uniform enforcement of codes and ordinances ensuring safe, humane, and healthy conditions for the citizens of Superior.

Safety Goals

The goals of Code Enforcement efforts include ensuring a safe, healthy environment in order to provide a high quality of life for our residents and visitors and to improve both the appearance and value of residential and business property. While these goals may sound simple, cooperation and support from businesses, property owners, and citizens is necessary to make them attainable.

Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing the Codes and Ordinances pertaining to the following:
  • Housing

    • Minimum Housing Standards
    • Landlord/Tenant Issues
    • Unsafe Buildings & Structures
    • Building Code Compliance
    • Fire-Life Safety Issues
    • Garbage and Refuse
  • Junk Vehicles

    Patrol and respond to complaints involving questionable or junk vehicles and equipment, located on private property, as outlined in the Traffic Code of the City of Superior. Superior Police Department responds to complaints of such vehicle(s) on public streets or property.
  • Licensing

    Scheduled and unscheduled inspections to ensure compliance with commercial license requirements.
  • Mobile Home Parks

    Mobile Home Parks are inspected periodically and prior to license continuance to ensure compliance with all codes and ordinances listed above.
    • Outreach

      Code Enforcement personnel are available to address groups and organizations upon request. Requests may be made by phone, fax, mail or e-mail and may be tailored to your specific area of interest.
    • Snow Removal

      Patrol and respond to complaints involving violation of ordinances related to snow removal and disposal.
    • Weeds

      Enforce compliance with ordinances requiring the cutting of grass and noxious weeds.
    • Zoning

      Patrol and respond to questions and complaints pertaining to compliance or violation of the Zoning Code.

    To submit a question or complaint, please email the following: Code Compliance. All complaints are responded to in order of merit. In all cases, complaints are investigated within 96 hours. Please try to give an exact address if at all possible so we can be sure to address the issue. If you would like an update on actions taken please leave your name and phone number in your email.