Wood worm bin
Wooden worm bin

Using Worms to Compost

Worms are often used to aid in the composting process. They will quickly turn food scraps into usable compost. However, with worms come a whole new set of things to know.
  1. Red Wigglers are commonly used for vermicomposting. Other species, like the ones found on the sidewalk after a storm, do not survive easily in worm compost bins.
  2. Not all compost bins can be used as worm bins. You may need to find, or build, a bin suitable for vermicomposting. Preferably, it should be shallower as these worms tend to feed towards the surface.
  3. If the bin is left outside in the winter, it will need to be insulated to keep the worms alive.
  4. For more information on how to start your own vermicomposting bin, check out the WDNR website.