Construction Projects

2019 Projects

US 2, Belknap Street Improvement Project
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), in coordination with the City of Superior, has reconstructed US 2, Belknap Street, from Banks Avenue to Hill Avenue. This project replaced 1.4 miles of concrete roadway, upgraded the storm sewer system, and improved safety on Belknap Street. The project also included improvements on most of the connecting side streets north and south of US 2, Belknap Street, back to the respective alleys. Phase I of the reconstruction of the street was completed in November  2017 and Phase II will be fully completed in the spring of 2019.  Please click on the link for information and updates from WisDOT.    More Information

US 2/US 53, East 2nd Street Resurfacing Project
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), in coordination with the City of Superior, is proposing resurfacing on East 2nd Street.  The project would be split into two separate construction seasons; 2020 and 2021.  
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Newton & Nelson Creeks Sewer Improvement Project
The City of Superior is addressing inflow and infiltration along Newton and Nelson Creeks. During significant wet weather events, sanitary sewers adjacent to Newton Creek (along 25th Avenue East right of way) and Nelson Creek (along 30th Avenue East right of way) become inundated by stream flow. This inflow increases flow throughout the sewers and overwhelms the system.
The project will significantly reduce infiltration and inflow to the Newton Creek & Nelson Creek trunk sewers by rehabilitating sewers and manholes, and by removing an above grade creek crossing. A new sewer is being installed in the 26th Avenue East Right-of-Way to further reduce flows to the Newton Creek sewer.
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Sidewalk Projects

The areas where 2019 sidewalk work will be done will be posted here as soon as available.  If you are a homeowner in these areas, you will be receiving a letter further detailing the work and other important information about the project. 

If you live in these areas, please be mindful of "no parking" signs being put up on the streets as this is an indication that work will begin soon in your area and access will be needed for both the crews and their equipment.

Once work begins in your area, crews will be setting up forms, and pouring the new sidewalks.  Once poured, the concrete needs to cure and harden for one week.  During this curing process it is important that the concrete not be driven on or heavily used.  This is especially important if you have a sidewalk crossing your driveway access.

Your cooperation and patience with us as we work is very much appreciated.  If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact the Engineering Department at: 715-395-7300.

Milling & Paving List

Asphalt milling is anticipated to begin in early June 2019 and Asphalt Paving Operations on about June 17.  Intended completion for this work is November 1, 2019.

The 2019 milling/paving list will be posted here when available.

2019 Alley Paving

If your alley is scheduled to be paved in 2019, the petitions, maps and the costs to homeowners can be found by clicking on the alley below.  If you would like information about our alley paving program, please click on the "Street Division" tab on the left and you can read the policy and get a copy of the petition.  

A maximum of eight (8) alley blacktopping requests, received prior to June 30, will be accepted each year on a first-come, first-served basis.  Requests over that number will be processed for the following year.

1.  3rd & 4th Avenues East; between East 5th & East 6th Streets 

2.  North 7th & North 8th Streets; between Fisher & Clough Avenues

3.  North 19th & North 20th Streets; between Susquehanna & Wyoming Avenues 

4.  Pine & Elm Avenues; between North 13th & 14th Streets

5.  @ 3025 East 3rd Street (off 31st Avenue East)

6.  A & B Hayes Court; between Cedar & Hill Avenues