Construction Projects

2016 Projects

Poplar Ave Stormwater Project
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Faxon Culvert Replacement at Hill Ave
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Lift Station 5 Forcemain Replacement Project
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US 2, Belknap Street Improvement Project
West of Banks Avenue east through the intersection of Hill Avenue. Reconstruction of roadway and sidewalk is proposed. Construction is tentatively scheduled for both 2017 and 2018.
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Sidewalk Projects

Click here for a map of the areas where sidewalk work will be completed in 2016.
Sidewalk replacement will commence in the following areas:
  • N 5th Street from Grand Ave to Catlin Ave both sides
  • Cumming Ave from N 5th to N 6th Street both sides
  • Baxter Ave, from N 5th to N 6th Street both sides
  • Baxter Ave from N 6th to N 7th Street East Side
  • N 6th Street from Baxter Ave to Grand Ave both sides
  • Weeks Ave from N 5th Street south about 100’ east side
  • Clough Ave from N 5th to N 6th Street both sides
  • Fisher Ave from N 5th to N 6th Street both sides?
  • Catlin Ave from N 7th to N 8th Street west side
If you live in these areas, please be mindful of "no parking" signs being put up on the streets as this is an indication that work will begin soon in your area and access will be needed for both the crews and their equipment. If you are a homeowner in these areas, you will be receiving a letter further detailing the work and other important information about the project.

Milling & Paving List

Asphalt milling is anticipated to begin May 23, 2016 and asphalt paving operations on or about June 20, 2016. Intended completion for the work is November 1, 2016. You can find the list of streets scheduled for work here.

South Tower Avenue Roadway Repair - August 1, 2016

Starting August 1st the City of Superior will begin repairs to concrete roadway intersections along southbound Tower Avenue at N 53rd, N 55th, and N 56th Streets.  Repairs will include replacement of the pavement as well as storm sewer repairs.  During the project the southbound lane will be closed and traffic will be diverted to the northbound side of Tower with single lane traffic in both directions.  Delays may occur during times of heavier traffic such as the morning and evening commute.  Please plan accordingly.  Please contact the City Public Works Department at 715-395-7334 or at with any questions regarding these lane closures.