Construction Projects

2017 Projects

Osaugie Trail Repairs 
A small portion of the Osaugie Trail is currently being repaired.  It is the section from the Rotary Pavilion (near 18th Avenue East), heading south towards McDonalds.  This work will be complete by May 20th, 2017. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve this section of the trail.

Poplar Ave Stormwater Project
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US 2, Belknap Street Improvement Project
The contractor for the US 2, Belknap Street Reconstruction Project has been awarded to CHIPPEWA CONCRETE SERVICES, INC. Chippewa Concrete has given WisDOT an initial schedule for the process to start the roadway work for the project.
The contractor will start pre-construction building inspections, Crack and Damage Survey, Monday, February 27th.
Expect to see additional staff reviewing the project in the next up-coming weeks. Initial traffic control and signing are expected to be installed starting March 16th. Temporary signals for intersections are starting to be installed on about March 20th.
Initial business and property owner meeting with Contractor and WisDOT is expected closer to roadway removal work. Roadway removal work is anticipated to start approximately the 2nd week in April.
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Sidewalk Projects

Check back later to see 2017 sidewalk projects.

If you live in these areas, please be mindful of "no parking" signs being put up on the streets as this is an indication that work will begin soon in your area and access will be needed for both the crews and their equipment. If you are a homeowner in these areas, you will be receiving a letter further detailing the work and other important information about the project.

Milling & Paving List

Asphalt milling is anticipated to begin May 22, 2017 and Asphalt Paving Operations on about June 19, 2017.  Intended completion for this work is November 1, 2017.

Asphalt Overlay:
50th Ave E E 2nd St to St. Croix St. 
Billings Drive Windsor to N 21st 
Badger Drive Cul-de-sac to End
Huron Drive Cul-de-sac to End
Maryland Ave N 23rd St. to N 26th St. 
Iowa Ave N 23rd St. to Dead End
N 37th St. Tower Ave to the Frontage Road 
N 40th St. Tower Ave to the Frontage Road
John Ave N 10th St. to N 11th St. 
6th Ave E Laurel Ave to E 7th St. 
E 8th St 14th Ave E to N 21st St. 
13th Ave E E 8th St. to the Dead End
E 14th St. 24th Ave E to 23rd Ave E
Grand Ave N 24th St to 23rd Ave E
N 24th St. Grand Ave to Hill Ave
Raspberry E 9th St to Norwood Ave
Ogden Ave N 21 St. to N 28th St. 
Scharte Drive N 58th St to End

Mill & Asphalt Overlay:
N 5th St. Grand Ave to Catlin Ave
N 8th St. Grand Ave to Weeks Ave
N 8th St. Clough Ave to Catlin Ave
N 11th St. Catlin Ave to E Dead End 
Maple Ave Hill Ave to Raspberry Ave
Norwood Ave Hill Ave to Raspberry Ave
21st Ave E E 5th to E 8th 
N 17th St. Hammond Ave to Hughitt Ave
N 18th St. Hammond Ave to Hughitt Ave
N 22nd  St. Tower Ave to John Ave
N 23rd St. Tower Ave to John Ave
N 24th St. Ogden Ave to John Ave
Weeks Ave N 19th St to Faxon St. 
N 19th St. Catlin Ave to Weeks Ave
Weeks Ave N 19th St. to Faxon St. 

Alley Paving:
Between E 4th St. and E 5th St, 9th Ave E to 10th Ave E. 
Between Lincoln and N 20th St, Weeks Ave to Clough Ave. 
Between E 3rd St and E 4th St, 53rd Ave E to 54th Ave E. 
Between Hammond Ave and Cumming Ave, N 18th St to N 19th St. 
Between Tower Ave and Banks Ave, N 18th St to N 19th St

2017 Alley Paving

If your alley is scheduled to be paved in 2017, the petitions, maps and the costs to homeowners can be found by clicking on the alley below:

1.  East 4th & East 5th Streets; between 9th & 10th Avenues East

2.  Lincoln & North 20th Streets; between Weeks & Clough Avenues

3.  East 3rd & East 4th Streets; between 53rd & 54th Avenues East

4.  Hammond & Cumming Avenues; between North 19th & North 19th Streets (T-alley)