Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf in Superior

The six-hole disc golf course is located in Central Park, 717 - 6th Avenue East. View a map of the course.

This course is the result of a combined effort between Douglas County UW-Extension AmeriCorps*VISTA and a Community Youth Project Group.

About the Course

Surveys given in 2009 showed that area parents, youth, and people who work with youth, have a high interest in providing more outdoor recreation and youth-oriented activities in order to improve youth health and well-being. With these community-based concerns in mind, the Douglas County UW-Extension Office invited local youth and adults to get involved in a Community Youth Project Group to help plan the course with the following mission and vision.


To create a disc golf course within Superior to provide residents, especially youth, a place where they can come together for recreational activity and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.


A disc golf course will result in:
  • The forming of friendships, reinforcing intergenerational relationships, and strengthening family bonds
  • Increasing opportunities for outdoor recreation as an alternative to electronic entertainment
  • Encouraging physical exercise and healthy use of leisure time

Rules & Etiquette

  • Wait until the basket is clear of other players before teeing off
  • The player whose disc lies farthest from the basket throws first
  • Allow smaller groups behind you to play through
  • Least number of throws wins
  • Respect private property surround the park
  • Place garbage in the provided receptacles
  • Observe City street parking regulations
  • Yield to all other park patrons

Course Sponsors

Putter Level

  • Douglas County
  • Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership
  • Essentia Health St. Mary's Hospital – Superior
  • Northwest Outlet, Inc.
  • Superior Jaycees
  • Superior Optimist Club
  • Vintage Italian Pizza
  • Youth Bake Sale
  • Youth Read-a-thon

Driver Level

  • City of Superior
  • Murphy Oil USA, Inc
  • Superior Choice Credit Union

Mid-Range Level

  • People's Drug Store
  • Superior Rotary Club 40

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