Riparian Landowner Survey 2009


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Riparian Landowner Survey 2009

Riparian Landowner Survey Results

The term riparian landowner refers to someone located or living on the banks of a watercourse such as a stream, river or lake.

What is the Riparian Landowner Survey?

In November 2009, a survey was sent out to every riparian landowner within the City of Superior. The survey's intent was to find out landowner concerns, interests, and erosion issues.

Why Survey Riparian Landowners?

Sedimentation (too much dirt in the water) prevents aquatic plants from getting enough sunlight, clogs fish gills, and pollutants often adhere to sediment particles. Riparian landowners are in a unique situation. While only a small portion of a waterway may flow through their property, stabilizing even one short stretch will help prevent erosion of the shoreline or stream bank. By surveying these landowners, we can get a general idea of whether stream bank and shoreline erosion is an issue landowners want to address.

So How Will Information be Used?

The information from the survey was used to help design a workshop to address the prevailing concerns and interests of riparian landowners. Some of the topics included cost-share programs for restoration projects, proper pesticide and fertilizer use and much more.