Disposal Guide for Superior

Properly disposing of unwanted items is a part of environmental and community health. Some items require dropping off items at a collection site. For some the City has periodic collections from your yard/home. It is illegal for some items to be put in your trash and no liquids or organic materials are allowed to be washed down storm drains. Only rainwater and snowmelt is allowed in those drains.

Do you know where to bring things items?
Household Batteries, Yard Waste, Fluorescent bulbs
Thermometers, Tires, Paints

Click here for a Disposal Guide with information on
where to take those items and other items. Proper disposal will help to keep Lake Superior clean.
It's also a part of human health and safety. 

paintcanimage.png oilcan.png

It's important to dispose of electronic waste properly. It's against the law to put e-waste in your trash. Here is more info on why e-waste needs to be disposed of properly. E-Waste

Pharmaceuticals and old medicines can be brought to the Superior Police Department during business hours. Don't keep unwanted medicine around. It can lead to risk of accidental poisoning, overdose or diversion. Link to Poster on Pharmaceutical Drop Box.

Do you change your own oil? Here are places that accept used motor oil. Most places are no cost.

Open this chart on how to dispose of additional items (chart provided by Superior Municipal landfill).

One approach to preventing pollution is properly disposing of household hazardous waste and materials of concern. Another approach is to use alternatives. Here are recipes for non-toxic household cleaners.

Thank you for properly disposing of items. It makes a difference!