Winter Road Tips

Winter Road De-Icers

Snow and ice are part of Superior’s winter. We often apply ample salt to remove ice. Road salts work by lowering the freezing point of water. Road salts came into common use in the 1940’s as a melting agent for removing ice and snow.
What can you do to reduce your home salt use:

  1. Shovel first. Remove what you can of snow and ice first.
  2. Apply sparingly. Disperse with a shaker for coverage.
  3. Don’t apply salt when the temperature is too cold (It does not work below 15?F). Use sand instead.
  4. Reuse leftovers. Sweep up extra and store for future use.

Too much salt can affect vegetation and after a snow melt water carries the salt into the storm sewer and directly into the rivers, bay, and Lake Superior. High salt concentrations in the water can have effects on the aquatic life.

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