Sewage Wastewater Billing Line 715-395-5833 July of 1995, Superior Water Light and Power (SWL&P) has been providing customer charges for the municipal sewage service on their utility bill. This service has been provided as a convenience to customers and the City. Due to upgrades to the Company's billing system, it will no longer be possible for SWL&P to provide the sewage billing service.

Since January 2014, City of Superior sewage bills are no longer be sent from SWL&P as part of their monthly utility bill. Sewage bills are being generated by the City on a quarterly basis, with the first bill arriving in April for January, February and March readings. Subsequent bills are being sent in July for April, May and June readings; in October for July, August and September readings; and January of 2015 for October, November and December 2014 readings. Cost and staffing limitations require the City to limit billing to a quarterly basis, rather than monthly.

Quarterly Billing Summary Schedule
April (covers January through March readings)
July (covers April through June readings)
October (covers July through September readings)
January (covers October through December readings)

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