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In January 2014, the City of Superior began billing sewage bills on a quarterly basis. From July 1995 - December 2013 these fees were billed by Superior Water, Light, and Power (SWL&P) as part of the monthly utility billing as a convenience to customers and to the City. Due to upgrades to the Company's billing system, it was no longer possible for SWL&P to provide the sewage billing service. 

In January 2015, the semi-annual stormwater bill was changed to quarterly and added to the utility bill along with quarterly recycling fees.  

In January 2016, garbage fees were added to the quarterly billing.

Quarterly Billing Summary Schedule

(covers January through March)
(covers April through June)
(covers July through September)
January (covers October through December)
For information on how to read your bill click here.

Quarterly bills are due within 30 days of billing. The City of Superior does not offer payment plans. Late fees are assessed at 1% per month on the outstanding charges.

Assessment Information:
Once per year, the City of Superior turns over any unpaid utility charges billed through June of the current year to be assessed against the property taxes. The assessment period for most customers is generally from July of last year through June of the current year. Any unpaid charges, late fees associated with these charges, and a 10% penalty may be assessed against the property taxes. 

Dates to Remember:
October 31st -  Payments for past due balances must be received by October 31st to avoid a 10% penalty. 
November 1st - A 10% penalty is added to any delinquent balance. You may pay off your account balance in full including the 10% penalty to avoid having the charges assessed against your property taxes until November 15th.
November 16th - Delinquent balances are turned over to the County and removed from the utility billing system. As of November 16th, no payments will be accepted by the Finance Department towards any past due balance. Delinquent amounts may only be paid on your property taxes. Payments received after November 15th will be applied against current unpaid balances.


Automatic Payments: 
Customers who would like to sign up for automatic payments via their checking or savings account may click here to obtain the Automatic Payment Form 2019. This form may be emailed, mailed, or dropped off. If you would like us to sign you up for automatic payments via your debit/credit card, you may also use this form.

Sewage Credit Requests: 
Customers may request a sewage credit for indoor/outdoor leaks, outdoor usage such as filling a swimming pool, and for refunds of overpayment. Credits for leaks and outdoor usage are only approved if the water does not enter the sewer system. For example: a running toilet does not qualify for a credit since the water still goes to the waste water treatment plant to be treated. Customers requesting a sewage credit must have a history of accurate readings. Estimated readings cannot be used to determine credits. Credits may be applied for one timer per year and may not exceed a six month period. Please click here to access the City of Superior Sewage Credit Policy and Application for Sewage Billing Adjustment Form.

tenant billing

Tenant Billing: 
Unless otherwise arranged, utility bills are sent to property owners. Landlords who want to have services billed to their tenants may click here to obtain the Owner-Tenant Billing Form and Policy. Submission of this form requires a $25.00 administrative fee to bill your tenant and may not be submitted electronically. For this administrative fee, your tenant will received quarterly bills, you will receive either mailed or emailed copies of the quarterly bills and be notified within 14 days of your tenant becoming past due. The tenant will continue to be billed until the account is either paid or the past due balance is assessed to the property taxes. When a new tenant moves in, you will need to submit a new Owner-Tenant Billing Form and return with the administrative fee.

new home
New Homeowners:
The City of Superior receives your information from Douglas County when you purchase a home. At your closing, the title company should have asked the City of Superior for a closing statement of what may be due from the prior owners through the sale date. The City will provide a closing statement showing the most recent meter readings received from SWL&P and any fixed fees through the date requested.  The title company will usually try to estimate any final usage (final readings are usually done on or within days of your closing) and collect the total from the prior owner. This money will be sent to the City to pay towards your first bill. What you will see on your first bill is the balance from the prior owner's last bill, all current quarterly charges, and any payments collected from the title company towards your first bill. Why do we bill it this way? Any unpaid bills are collected by assessment against the property taxes. If we transfer the service to you, the new owner, you will know if there are any unpaid bills! 

Do you need to call to start service with the City of Superior? No, we transfer the service into your name directly from the property tax update.

Need help understanding your bill? Click here for how to read your bill.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at utilitybilling@ci.superior.wi.us or by calling us at 715-395-5833.