Utility Billing Newsletters and Inserts, and ESD Brochures

Welcome! Here you'll find the recent Utility Billing Quarterly Stormwater Newsletters, the billing inserts, and ESD brochures.  If you would like to view newsletters dating before 2018, please contact Megan at hogfeldtm@ci.superior.wi.us.

Billing Inserts and ESD Brochures

Wastewater Brochures 
You and Your Sewer Private Sewer Lateral - Insert for July 2021 Billing 

It's a Toilet Not a Trash Can
Inflow and Infiltration
Your Sewer Lateral Line and You
What NOT to Flush
Cool It, Can It, Trash It: Fats, Oils, and Grease

Stormwater Brochures 

City of Superior Smarting Salting Flyer - Insert for January 2022 Billing

Updated: Adopt-a-Storm Drain Insert for April 2021 Billing 
Guide to Household Plumbing - Insert for July 2020 Billing
Native Plants & Composting - Insert for April 2020 Billing
Stormwater Solutions for Superior Homeowners - Insert for January 2020 Billing
Storm Drain Art (2018) **Currently, we are weighing our options to revitalize storm drain artwork and potential future storm drain art projects.
Stormwater Flood Control Program - Insert for 2018 Billing
Stormwater Utility Update (2015)
Winter Sidewalk/Driveway Maintenance, Salt and Sand - Insert for 2018 Billing
Low Impact Design

Other Brochures & Inserts

2022 Ice Festival Flier - Insert for January 2022 Billing

2021 Ice Festival Flier - Insert for January 2021 Billing

Shoveling Your Sidewalk - Insert for October 2020 & 2021 Billing

Winter Maintenance and Shoveling
Superior Streams
Citizen Stream Monitoring Program - Insert for 2018 Billing
Stormwater Runoff: Take It Personally
Aquatic Invasive Species - Don't let invasives ride with you