Faxon Creek Culvert Replacement

Project Description
The Faxon Creek Watershed was heavily affected by the increased flows during the storm of June 2012. Over two hundred properties were impacted, including substantial damage to the UWS heating plant. In response, the City initiated a study to develop a logical plan for the watershed with the goal of reducing flooding and property damage during significant rain events. The study was conducted under contract by Donohue & Associates. A finding of the study was that increasing the capacity of the Faxon Creek crossing (culvert) at Hill Avenue will result in reduced likelihood of flooding upstream. Replacement and upsizing of the crossing is the next sequential step in providing flooding relief to the watershed.

The proposed project removes the aged viaduct structure and replaces the culvert crossing. The crossing will be upsized, substantially increasing the ability to convey Faxon Creek during high flow conditions. The proposed culvert replacement includes one 10 foot high by 12 foot wide box culvert. A 410 foot section of sanitary sewer will also be replaced as part of this project. 

The project will be built in 2016 and is funded through the stormwater utility and wastewater utility. No assessment will be charged to homeowners. 

Faxon Culvert
Project Timeline
Updated Sep. 26, 2016

The project is substantially complete.
Hill Ave and Laurel Ave are Now Open!
Contacts for this project: 
Brett Gunderson
City of Superior’s Project Representative
715-394-0392 Ext. 1004

Erin Abramson
City of Superior Collection Systems Engineering & Operations Manager
715-394-0392 Ext. 1015

Sandra J. Kimmler, PE
Project Engineer Donohue & Associates

Joe Kutsler
Project Manager
Stack Bros. Mechanical Contractors