Stormwater Flood Control Program

The Stormwater Management Plan is a long-term planning approach to manage stormwater runoff to protect public health, safety and the environment as well as to limit property damage and City liability. It is not intended to be a solution in and of itself, but rather one of several practices that work together to form a comprehensive plan to manage surface water runoff.

Benefits of the program include:
  • assistance to homeowners for stormwater related issues,
  • identification of factors that contribute to flooding potential,
  • suggestions to prevent flooding,
  • Clarify the responsibilities of both the homeowner and the City
  • Reduction of incidences of basement flooding in owner occupied, single-family homes.
The Stormwater Flood Control Program is not an enforcement or regulatory program. The intent is to manage inflow and infiltration and minimize sewage overflows.

Important Facts About The SFCP

Program Purpose:
  • Reduce inflow and infiltration entering the sanitary and combined sewer system through private plumbing.
  • Reduce discharges of untreated domestic wastewater and sanitary sewage to the environment.
Participation in this Program is:
  • Limited to homeowners who have experienced basement flooding.
  • Limited to single-family, owner-occupied residential homes within the limits of the City of Superior.
  • Open also to participants of the City’s previous Backwater Valve Programs
    (1970s – 1990s).
A Stormwater/Surface Water Survey and Site Inspection will be performed free of charge by the City to determine if factors besides City sewer backups contribute to flooding potential.
Homeowner must sign a waiver authorizing the survey and inspection, to protect the City from liability.
The survey is also used to qualify the homeowner for funding stormwater flood control improvements.
A four- (4) step qualification process for project funding will help ensure public funds are allocated appropriately.
Participants must attend a Homeowner Orientation Meeting, which explains the qualification process.
Funding is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis according to qualification.
Funding is not guaranteed.
The City will fund up to $150 toward the cost of a service lateral inspection. The homeowner is responsible for any cost above $150. Low-income homeowners may qualify for up to $300 for this inspection.
The Environmental Services Division will fund 100 percent of the cost for the installation of a backwater valve (BWV) and sump pump if the homeowner qualifies.
Homeowners must have a building sewer that is in acceptable condition to qualify for installation of a BWV or sump pump.
Homeowners must separate all illicit stormwater connections from the sanitary sewer system.
As part of the project’s numerous quality control checkpoints, the City will provide a list of Program qualified contractors eligible to perform sewer cleaning, televising, and plumbing work; however, the City cannot guarantee the parts or the work provided by the contractor.
Any construction contracts (such as BWV or sump pump installation) are between the homeowner and the contractor.
Homeowners must sign a waiver before installation of BWV and/or sump pump components, releasing the City from any liability associated with contractor quality, or the design, installation, maintenance or functioning of any project components. The waiver makes no guarantee that project components will eliminate or reduce flooding.
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and service their BWV and sump pump.
Homeowners sharing a service lateral must obtain written permission from adjoining homeowners potentially affected by the service lateral inspection process. Forms will be provided.
Stormwater Flood Control Program (SFCP)


On July 21, 2013 the Superior Flood Control Program was awarded an honorary Environmental Steward award presented by the Lake Superior Bi-National Forum. Curt proudly accepted the award. 

Watch this ESDPW webinar to learn more.