My basement is flooded, what should I do?

When a homeowner or business experiences flooding here are some tips that might be helpful: 1. Call the Environmental Services Division at 394-0392 to report the flooding. Report what has happened and when it occurred. Provide your name, a phone number where you can be reached and the address where the flooding occurred. Indicate if there will be a person at this location if a city employee needs to stop by. 2. When a City crew is available, they will be sent to investigate the City sewer to determine if it is flowing properly. 3. As a property owner who has experienced flooding, there are some steps that you can take: Before cleaning, take pictures of any damaged property for your records to be used for reimbursement of insurance or claims Contact the Douglas County Health Department Sanitarian at 395-1304 for information on potential health concerns. You may want to consider having a professional cleaning company perform the clean up of your basement. Contact the City Clerk's office at 395-7200 if you intend to file a claim for damages. Please note that the City does not typically cover claims for water damage that occurs during major rain events. 4. Did you know that the City offers a program for single-family residential homes that have experienced flooding? It is called the "Stormwater Flood Control Pilot Project." For more information call 394-0392 ext. 1002.

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1. My basement is flooded, what should I do?
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