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Citizen Self Reporting Incident Form

  1. The following information will be completed by the Superior Police Department.

  2. Before completing the information below, be aware that the
    incident must meet the following conditions:

  3. Be a Non-emergency
  4. Have occurred within the Superior City limits only-not in another city, nor in Douglas County
  5. Do not use this form for a motor vehicle crash/accident
  6. Have no known suspects
  7. Not involve identity theft
  8. No one was injured as a result of the crime
  9. The Lost/Stolen/Damaged property is valued at less then $1000.00

  10. The following are examples of offenses without a suspect that can be reported on this form:

  11. Damage to property (Do not use this form for a motor vehicle crash/accident)
  12. Lost property
  13. Theft
  14. Harassing phone call

  15. After completing and submitting this report, an incident number will be assigned, the report will be reviewed by a police officer and you will be contacted if further investigation of your incident is needed. If you need a copy of this report you can contact SPD Records Bureau. FILING A FALSE POLICE REPORT IS A CRIME.

  16. I have read the above conditions*

  17. Are there any suspects in this incident? (If the answer is YES you cannot submit online and should call 911 to make the report)*

  18. Please complete the following fields:

  19. Sex*

  20. Complete the section below for Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property

  21. The property was...*

  22. Amount of Loss*

  23. This property was...

  24. The property was...

  25. The property was...

  26. IMPORTANT: Did you consent to this crime?*

  27. I understand that this Citizen Self Report form will be filed with the Superior Police Department. I attest that I have read and understand the instructions for completing this police report. I also attest under penalty of law that information and statements made herin are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.*

  28. Leave This Blank: