Fire Inspection Division

The Fire Inspection Division of the Superior Fire Department is charged with coordinating the fire prevention activities of the department. These activities include regular, routine fire prevention inspections, follow-up inspections, code enforcement, public education, and training.


 All businesses, industrial occupancies, retail establishments, health care facilities, and residential buildings with three dwelling units or more located within their jurisdiction must be inspected by the local fire department by mandate found in Wisconsin state statutes. The purpose of the fire prevention inspection is to assure that buildings are maintained to the safety standards to which they were originally designed and built, and to assure that any improvements required since the time of construction have been completed. Specifically, the fire prevention inspection seeks to find and cause to be corrected any code violations that might compromise the safety of those who work at the building or who do business there. These inspections must be performed once every twelve months for most buildings and are done every six months for buildings where a particular hazard exists. 

 Most inspections are performed by personnel who serve on an engine company. The remainder is performed by one of the three firefighters assigned to the Inspection Bureau. The inspections include an examination of both the interior and the exterior of the building. During an inspection, a written list of violations found is compiled. These might be violations of City of Superior Fire Code, the state fire and building codes, or any other codes that the fire department enforces. Before leaving the building, the inspector(s) meet(s) with the owner or occupant of the building or business and discuss what actions will be needed to bring the building into compliance. 

Regular fire inspections assure the safety of those who use the building or business including employees and customers as well as the safety of fire department personnel in the event of an emergency response to that location. They prevent the occurrence of fires and injury to occupants and firefighters. They contribute to a reduction in costs associated with fire loss and personal injury, to a reduction in lost time and income, and to the reduction of insurance rates. 


 Fire prevention inspections are required by the State Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to assure that foster children are being placed in safe environments. When a parent is planning to provide a home to a foster child, their home must first pass a fire inspection. Personnel from the Inspection Bureau routinely provide these fire safety inspections. Please note, we only conduct foster care inspections in the City and Village of Superior.  If you live in an outlying township or village, you must contact your local fire department.

 Fire safety inspections are also provided twice a year for Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRF’s). These too are required by the DHHS to maintain safe living conditions for the residents of these facilities. 



Throughout the year, personnel from the fire department are involved in providing training to local businesses or civic groups in the City. This training may be classes on the use of fire extinguishers or maintaining a safe work environment. It might also take the form of assisting businesses in developing a response to a fire emergency in the place of work. 

Presentations made to day cares, preschools, civic groups, and groups of employees are another way by which the department provides fire prevention education to members of the pubic. These presentations may focus on a variety of topics depending on the needs of the group being addressed. They may include general fire safety, use of fire extinguishers, fire safety in the work place, and evacuation drills for residents of a high-rise apartment building. 

 Public education helps citizens to know what they can safely do as a reaction to a fire or other emergency. It makes children more comfortable around firefighters in full dress for a fire. And, it helps citizens and employees know what they can do to make their homes and places of employment safer.

Once a year, we visit all of the elementary schools in the district to provide fire prevention education.  Below are some pictures from our 2021 fire prevention program.

New in 2022, we are excited to offer fire prevention education to families that homeschool their children!

firefighter showing the equipment in the compartments on the side of the fire engine


 The National Fire Prevention Code( NFPA) gives the local fire department the authority to require local review of plans for fire safety systems and fire department access for both existing buildings and for new construction.  This local review is performed in addition to the state plan review required for these projects. This plan review helps to assure that the plan complies with local ordinances and policies as well as state statutes. Members of the Fire Prevention Bureau work closely with the City Building Inspection Department in the review and approval of site plans with regard to the Fire Code requirements for firefighting access. 

Representatives from the Fire Prevention Bureau continued the practice of meeting with design professionals and contractors involved with new construction early in the planning and development stage to help familiarize those concerned with local ordinances and policies. These meetings in conjunction with plan review assure a greater measure of safety for businesses and those who work in and frequent them. They also assure that there is adequate driving access to the building for emergency personnel responding to fires and other emergencies. 

Please contact our Lead Fire Inspector for more information about plan review.

Click HERE to review the Code of Ordinances related to Fire Prevention and Protection.