Collection Fees

Garbage Pickup and Fees

In 2015, the City Council adopted an ordinance to bill customers $7.75 per month per dwelling unit or per cart per month for commercial properties. The original ordinance had a schedule rate increase for all customers which took effect January 1, 2019 from $7.75 per month per dwelling unit and $7.75 per month per cart for commercial properties to $9.75 per month per cart. The fee covers the cost of garbage collection and disposal at the landfill. Prior to 2016 these costs had been covered primarily through revenue from garbage generated outside of Superior, with additional funding from property taxes and other minor sources of revenue. Proceeds from waste generated outside Superior have been steadily declining as more waste is recycled. At the same time, the cost to operate the landfill has continued to increase. As a result the City can no longer provide garbage collection and disposal service without a fee.  The garbage collection fee is mandatory for all single-family homes and multi-family dwellings with up to four units. The fee also applies to any larger multi-family or commercial premises that choose to receive City trash pickup (including nonprofits such as churches). The monthly fee applies year-round, even if a home is only seasonally occupied, or if a rental unit is temporarily vacant.

After a thorough analysis, the City Council has adopted a new garbage fee structure which took effect January 1, 2019.

The service and fee is mandatory for:
Small Residential: All single family homes and multi-family dwellings with up to 4 units. Charged $7.25 per month, per dwelling unit. Additional carts are $7.25 per month. Maximum of 4 carts.

The service and fee is optional for:
Large Residential/Small Commercial: Residential properties containing 5 or more dwelling units and commercial businesses. Charged $9.00 per month per cart. Maximum of 4 carts.

Questions on the costs associated with garbage pickup can be directed to the Environmental Services Division at (715) 395-5833.