Childcare Relief Program

Current Dream Up! Childcare Grant information can be found HERE


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Learn more about Partner Up: 

The Partner Up! grant program will provide $10 million in funding to support childcare for Wisconsin’s businesses. 

Through Partner Up! Businesses can reserve subsidized slots in regulated local childcare programs for their employees’ use. The employer will contribute part of the true cost of care for each slot reserved, and Partner Up! will contribute the remaining amount. Participating families will receive accessible, high-quality childcare at little-to-no out-of-pocket cost to them. Detailed information, including costs and eligibility, can be found on DCF’s Partner Up! Webpage.

Learn more about Dream Up: 

The Dream Up! grants will offer $8.1 million to directly support 30 communities and childcare programs around the state, over the next two years. Through a collaborative community approach, teams of community stakeholders, will work to evaluate, plan, sustain, and expand existing childcare, and support new childcare programs.

Applications should be submitted by a team of invested community members. Teams are encouraged to include a cross-sector of professionals. Team representatives may include (but are not limited to):

  • Local business leaders
  • Community and civic organizations
  • Economic development programs
  • Childcare programs
  • School districts
  • Local government
  • City or county administrations 
  • Individual childcare programs are not eligible for this program as a stand-alone applicant but may be a part of the team.


Learn more about the City of Superior Small Business Grant Program


Provides reimbursement grants to eligible businesses for planned improvement projects.  Applicants must have a commercial storefront; therefore, in-home daycares would not be eligible.