Investigations Division


The Investigations Division is one of the three major divisions within the Superior Police Department, which is supervised by a Captain - the Division Commander, and a Lieutenant of Investigations.

Falling under the Investigations Division are six Detectives, two Narcotics Investigators, one Narcotics Investigator attached to the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force, three Police School Liaison Officers, and six Field Evidence Technicians.

Detective Bureau

The six Detectives within the detective bureau are general investigators that work a wide array of investigations from thefts, forgeries, batteries, sex crimes, to homicides. Each year these six detectives routinely handle in excess of 600 cases. Along with their normal duties in working cases the detectives also conduct training and give presentations to the community concerning crimes such as identity theft, financial crimes, and internet safety presentations.

Narcotics Bureau

The two Narcotics investigators work within the community and work hand in hand with state and federal investigators and prosecutors in the fight against drug trafficking in our community. They routinely conduct complex investigations into “historical” cases against high level narcotics dealers within our community and surrounding area, which have resulted in a number of federal prosecutions where convicted defendants have received upwards of 10, 20, 30 years in prison.