Special Event Permits and Event Sponsorship

Permit Required

If you wish to hold a special event on City property (i.e. in one of our parks or on one of our trails) you must complete a Special Event Permit  60 days prior to your event.  All permits must be approved by the City before you can proceed, so please check with us for rules, regulations and availability before you begin to plan your event.  

Events that fall under this category are open to the public, might have an admission fee, or involve more than an ordinary family picnic (e.g., parades, street dances, 5K's, community BBQ's, festivals, fundraisers, etc.)
You must also secure Special Event Insurance and provide a certificate of insurance listing the City as additional insured, in order to have an event on City property. Please contact us if you have questions about obtaining special event insurance. Call us @ 715-395-7270 or send us an email and we'd be happy to provide more information.
Download or complete this fillable Special Event Permit application.

As a reminder, all fees should be submitted at the time of application. 


If you would like to apply for sponsorship for your event, please fill out and submit an Event Sponsorship application at least 60 days prior to your event. Applications can be emailed or mailed to us at City of Superior Mayor's Office, 1316 N 14th Street, Superior, WI 54880. If you have any questions about City Sponsorship you can reach Chief of Staff Rebecca Scherf at 715-395-7212. 

If you have received sponsorship funds from the Culture, Events and Public Arts Commission before, please include proof of how you recognized the City of Superior as a sponsor of your event (e.g. pictures of shirts, banners, signs, radio scripts, social media posts, etc.). If you are requesting sponsorship, please submit both your Special Event Permit application and your Event Sponsorship application together.


 A sample Certificate of Liability Insurance is available. Your certificate must be for $1,000,000 General Aggregate, the description must have the event and date listed, and the City must be listed as Additional Insured in the Certificate Holder box.  Please share the sample certificate with your insurance agent so that they are aware of the City's requirements.  Please note the areas highlighted in yellow on the sample.