Summer Playground Program

Welcome to the Summer Playground Program! 

The Summer Playground Program runs from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday from June 19 - August 18, 2023 (no program July 4th). Our goal is to provide supervised play and outdoor fun in a safe environment for children ages 5-11 in Superior.  In order to set the foundation for this, we staff each program site with staff members who have been trained in CPR and First Aid.  We also partner with the School District of Superior to provide free lunch and snack for program participants as well as any other children under the age of 18. 

When sending your child to participate in our program, we suggest dressing them in layers as the temperature fluctuates frequently throughout the day and we are an outdoor program!  Occasionally we will have to cancel program due to inclement weather, but we do our best to remain open as much as possible!  In addition, sunscreen and water bottles are great things to have at the playground.  Please make sure that if your child is participating in our trips to the YMCA that you also send them with the proper swim wear for the pool.


The 2023 Summer Playground Program will primarily focus on bringing activities and conducting programming in the parks.  Participants will have an opportunity to swim at the YMCA twice a week and participate in various other field trips, including a one-time visit to the Stand-Up Paddle Boarding later this summer.

We look forward to a great summer and are glad you are joining us! 


Please register your child on-site at the park of your choosing.  

Email Program Coordinator

Program Sites Site AddressCalendar of Events
18 Oaks 1725 Oakes Avenue                  18 Oaks Calendar
Billings Park15 Billings Drive
Billings Park Calendar
Central Park
717 6th Avenue East                                                  
Central Park Calendar
Hammond Park
1920 Hammond Avenue                                                   
Hammond Park Calendar
Wade Bowl1228 Clough Avenue                                                      
Wade Bowl Calendar
Webster Dream Park5718 Tower Avenue Webster Dream Park Calendar

  * Calendars may be subject to change due to weather or other circumstances. 


Program has already started, can I still register my child?

Yes!! We welcome new registrations at any time!  Each site has registration forms available for you to fill out and your child can start attending the program immediately.  

Can my child attend more than one site? 

Yes, but if you would like your child to attend more than one site, that will need to be communicated at registration so both sites have necessary contact and emergency information.  

Is there any busing from summer school to the playground program? 

No, your child can join us any time after 11:30 AM, but we do not transport any participants to program.  They should walk, ride a bike, or be dropped off. 

Can my child just come to the site to eat? 

Absolutely. Our partnership with the Summer Food Service Program provides a free lunch and snack to anyone under the age of 18. Registration for the Summer Playground Program is not required to participate in lunch or snack. 

What happens if it rains during program?

If we have to cancel due to inclement weather, participants will be sent home for the remainder of the day. Updates on the program will also be on our recorded hotline at (715) 395-7299.  

 If you have additional questions, please email our Program Coordinator