Notice of Claim

According to Wisconsin Statutes 893.90, it is the Claimant’s responsibility to provide written notice of an event giving rise to a claim, to the Municipal Clerk, within 120 days of the event. Written notice should include: name, address, phone, of claimant; time, place and circumstances of the event.
A claim form is available for download here. Failure to comply with these provisions can result in the claim being disallowed.

Mail written notices to the following address:

City Clerk
1316 N. 14th Street, Room 200
 Superior, WI 54880

Processing the Notice of Claim

When the Clerk receives the notice of claim, it is forwarded to the Municipality’s Insurer, and the City Attorney. The City Attorney presents each notice of claim to the city’s Liability Claims Committee for review and determination.

The Liability Claims Committee meets in the Government Center (1316 North 14th Street, Room 300). The Claimant will be sent a notice of the meeting date and time, that the claim will be reviewed and considered. Your appearance at the meeting is not mandatory, but if you wish to address the committee in person, or present evidence for the committee’s consideration, you may do so at that time. The claimant will be notified in writing of the committee’s recommendation via the method indicated on the Notice of Claim form.

If you have questions regarding filing a claim or the claim process, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (715) 395-7200.