Other Geospatial Data Areas

Cadastral (Parcels)

The cadastral (Parcel) layer at the City of Superior/Douglas County is the fundamental tool for analyzing land ownership information. This data provides the foundation for many applications across the county pertaining to land ownership.
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Structural data, often known as planimetrics, will be developed in the future to highlight the locations and dimensions of buildings and important structures throughout the city. Along with parcel and address data, this information will be particularly useful for law enforcement, planning and other purposes.
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Utility data is utilized for site planning, economic development, land use planning, emergency/homeland security, and many other operations at the city. Having an understanding of the locations of utility features (electric, gas, sewer, water) is key to development and emergency response. Note: the City of Superior does not maintain utility information for gas, water, or electric data. For this information visit swlp.com. DOWNLOAD (2.6 mb)

Administrative Boundaries

Many administrative boundaries exist within the City of Superior/Douglas County. Examples include municipalities, state and federal management areas, zoning districts, and many more. Geospatial analysis depends on these boundaries to render accurate results. DOWNLOAD (14 mb)

Geodetic Control & PLSS

Geodetic control refers to precise surveys covering very large areas such as the High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) developed in Wisconsin in 1996. The Public Land Survey System is the basis for all land titles and property descriptions in Wisconsin. With GPS surveying, PLS corners can be referenced to geodetic control. DOWNLOAD (7.8 mb)


The physical worlds within and around the city are represented with numerous environmental layers. Lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, soils, land cover/land use, geomorphology, mining areas and many other physical earth features will be available for use in mapping and analysis. DOWNLOAD (130 mb)

Emergency Operations

In addition to the layers listed above, law enforcement, 911, Communications, and others will utilize additional geospatial data in emergency response situations such as response districts, hazard areas, critical infrastructure, and other emergency geospatial data to conduct emergency operations. DOWNLOAD (58 kb)
Emergency Operations Tables (.csv) DOWNLOAD (1.4 MB)


Recreational use trends are increasing around the state. Recreation information is represented in various layers. Some of the layers are Boat Accesses, Hunting Sites, Trailheads, Marinas, Parks, Points of Interest and many more are available for use in mapping and analysis. DOWNLOAD (1.4 mb)

City of Superior & Douglas County Data Catalog DOWNLOAD (6 mb)

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