Street Paving

2020 Milling & Paving List

Asphalt milling and paving is anticipated to begin in early June.  Intended completion for this work is November.  Areas to be milled/paved will be listed here when available.

Asphalt Overlay

  • Cumming Ave.; Highbridge Blvd to N 1st St.
  • Windsor St.; Billings Drive to Vergennes St.
  • Windsor St.; Vergennies St. to Highgate Street.
  • N 19th St; Washington Ave to Missouri Ave.

Mill & Asphalt Overlay

  • N 4th St.; John Ave to Tower Ave.
  • N 5th St.; Hammond Ave to Tower Ave.
  • Ogden Ave.; N 4th St to N 5th St.
  • John Ave.; N 3rd St to N 5th St.
  • Carter Lane; N 7th St to Spirit Street. (Catlin Courts)
  • Spirit St.; Carter Lane to Redwood Ave. (Catlin Courts)
  • Redwood Ave.; Spirit St to Sweetser St. (Catlin Courts)
  • Greenwood Ave.; Sweetser St to Spirit St. (Catlin Courts)
  • Sweetser St; Carter Lane to Redwood Ave. (Catlin Courts)
  • N 29th St.; Tower Ave to Hammond Ave.
  • N 30th St.; Ogden Ave to John Ave.
  • N 32nd St.; Tower Ave to John Ave.
  • Ogden Ave.; N 29th St to N 33rd St.
  • N 34th St., Tower Ave to Hammond Ave.
  • Hughitt Ave.; Belknap to N 19th St.
  • John Ave.; N 17th to N 20th St.
  • Banks Ave; N 16th to N 23rd
  • Oakes Ave; N 18th to N 21st St.
  • Elm Ave.; Belknap to E Court.