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ESD Forms

  1. 2020 Pollution Prevention & Illicit Discharge - Test
  2. 2022 Storm Drain Art Project Waiver & Release of Liability
  3. Adopt-a-Stormdrain Inspection Form
  4. Adopt-a-Stormdrain Volunteer Registration
  5. Garbage Cart Delivery/Removal/Repair Request Form

    Use this form to have additional trash carts removed or delivered to your property. Please note that a $7.25 fee per month applies to... More…

  6. Inflow & Infiltration Survey

    The City of Superior Environmental Services Division (ESD) is conducting a study to determine the amount of clearwater removed from... More…

  7. Litter Results Form
  8. Rain Barrel Workshop Participant Survey
  9. SFCP Homeowner Application

    Application form for homeowners who wish to be part of the Stormwater Flood Control Program.

  10. Superior Coastal Cleanup Volunteer Registration
  11. Teacher Survey for 2022 WWTP Tours
  12. Twin Ports Virtual Coastal Cleanup Volunteer Registration
  13. Volunteer Waiver for the City of Superior Stream Monitoring Program
  1. 2022 Rain Barrel Workshop Survey
  2. 2022 Stormwater Management Training Registration
  3. Adopt-a-Stormdrain Liability Waiver
  4. Authorization Form City of Superior Garbage and Collection Services

    To be used by commercial and large residential properties (more than 4 dwelling units) to approve number of carts to be used or change... More…

  5. Illicit Discharge Report Form

    Report of Illicit Discharge, stormwater pollution in City of Superior

  6. Library Sessions Polling Questions

    The City of Superior - Environmental Services Division Public Works would like to offer free lessons and workshops for all ages at the... More…

  7. ORB365 Pledge Form
  8. Salt Training Test
  9. Superior Coastal Cleanup Volunteer Liability Waiver
  10. Survey for Water Quality Volunteers
  11. Twin Ports Virtual Coastal Cleanup Volunteer Liability Waiver
  12. Volunteer Registration for the City of Superior Citizen Stream Monitoring Program
  13. Waste Transporter Authorization Application


  1. Citizens Academy application

    Complete the form to apply to be a participant in our Citizens' Academy.

  1. City of Superior Citizen Suggestion Program


  1. Confined Space Notification

    This form is to be filled out for ENTRY and EXIT of a "Confined Space" to notify the Superior Fire Department in case of emergency.